Arianna Invernizzi

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OBJECTIVE To assess the voice-related quality of life (V-RQOL) in patients after total and partial laryngectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS 96 patients treated for laryngeal cancer were enrolled in the study. The cohort of patients was divided into three groups depending on the surgical procedure carried out: total laryngectomy (TL), supracricoid partial(More)
We observe multistep condensation of sodium atoms with spin F=1, where the different Zeeman components m_{F}=0,±1 condense sequentially as the temperature decreases. The precise sequence changes drastically depending on the magnetization m_{z} and on the quadratic Zeeman energy q (QZE) in an applied magnetic field. For large QZE, the overall structure of(More)
HINTERGRUND: Evaluierung der Wirksamkeit des Gelben Lasers 577 nm im Vergleich zum konventionellen Grünen Laser 532 nm in der Behandlung des diabetischen Makulaödems. PATIENTEN UND METHODEN: Insgesamt 20 Patienten mit fokalem diabetischem Makulaödem, die einer Laserbehandlung unterzogen werden sollten, wurden anhand von Spectral Domain OCT Map,(More)
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