Arianna Giovine

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By using the Suzuki-Miyaura protocol, a simple straightforward synthesis of functionalized 2-arylaziridines has been developed. By means of this synthetic strategy from readily available ortho-, meta- and para-bromophenylaziridines and aryl- or heteroarylboronic acids, new aziridines could be obtained. The cross-coupling reactions occurred without ring(More)
The regioselective lithiation-functionalization of 2-arylazetidines has been explored. The nature of the N-substituent is mainly responsible for a regioselectivity switch. ortho-Lithiation occurred, using hexyllithium as a greener base, in N-alkylazetidines, while α-benzylic lithiation has been observed with N-Boc azetidines.
The directed ortho-metalation/cross-coupling strategy is an important synthetic tool for the preparation of biaryls, heterobiaryls and useful functionalized aromatic and heteroaromatic molecules. Related synthetic applications are normally based on a one-pot procedure involving the generation of the suitable metalated intermediate followed by the coupling(More)
Flow chemistry: A flow-microreactor-mediated synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines (THIQs) is reported (see scheme). Starting from a laterally lithiated aziridine, a tetrahydroisoquinoline lithiated at C4 was generated by thermally induced isomerization. Because the reaction temperature is a crucial parameter, the exquisite thermal control possible(More)
This work demonstrates how the directing ability of the azetidine ring could be useful for regioselective ortho-C-H functionalization of aryl compounds. Robust polar organometallic (lithiated) intermediates are involved in this synthetic strategy. The reagent n-hexyllithium emerged as a safer, yet still effective, basic reagent for the hydrogen/lithium(More)
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