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It is well known that the advances in Broadband technologies have made the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) possible as a commercial service. These broadband technologies should be able to effectively deliver IPTV services with high level of quality of service. One of the Broadband technologies is WiMAX. WiMAX as a broadband technology is able to deliver(More)
One of the main challenges nowadays for managing IP networks is guaranteeing quality of service. One of the proposed solutions is traffic management with MPLS protocol. However, requirement characterization and the network state are very difficult tasks, taking into account that requirements for different services are random, where as a result the network(More)
This paper treats a MPLS VPN implementation in a network, which was initially configured for fulfilling the demands for mainly voice and ADSL services. At the beginning, the architecture of TK (Telecom of Kosova) NGN network with its corresponding elements and functionality is described. Then, based on business customers' demands, the reconfiguration of(More)
Video streaming through Internet faces different challenges caused by network performance and heterogeneity nature of internet. The larger the distance between end-user and streaming server the stream passes through different networks and causes delays which affect the user quality of experience (QoE). An optimal approach to minimize delays and offer high(More)
A design of back-to-back tapered line transition is presented. The transition is suitable for application in feeding arrays of double-side printed antennas. Tapered transmission lines are transmission line whose characteristic impedance is tapered from one value to another. Back-to-back circuits of identical transitions are designed, measured, and their(More)
Technology is becoming more natural and intuitive. People already use gestures and speech to interact with their PCs and other devices. In this paper, we have developed an application interface to recognize human body gestures and reflect these gestures through Kinect sensor to Lego robot. The main contribution of this paper is implementation process of the(More)
Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the possibility of networks to offer different services. Because nowadays we have an evolution of wireless customer's requests, it is needed to pay attention to QoS in WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) standards. Thus, in this paper, we have analyzed the QoS of WLAN standards 802.11g and 802.11n, since they are most(More)
In this paper we will develop a system that could be used at science fairs to teach children regarding robotics. The system which we developed is named “dancing with the robots”. This system explains the basic parts of robot (sensing and acting) through a dancing activity. The system incorporates a Microsoft Kinect sensor, used to detect the(More)
Air quality degradation is the result of combining different substances which consist of solid particles in the air. Such particles can be: ozone, car emissions, different chemicals from factories, etc. Some of these substances are hazardous for human health. The lack of periodic measurements in different location makes it impossible to plan and act, in(More)