Ariane Wolff

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Because of trauma, metabolic bone disease, congenital deformity, or prior osteotomy, an extraarticular deformity may be present in patients requiring total knee arthroplasty. If the extraarticular deformity is not corrected extraarticularly, it must be corrected by compensatory distal femoral or proximal tibial wedge resection to produce overall limb(More)
Nonunion of proximal tibial osteotomy is a rare occurrence. Treatment goals should emphasize preservation of proximal tibial bone stock in view of possible subsequent total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Previous reports, in mostly smaller series, have emphasized the use of external fixation in the management of this problem. There have been no previous reports(More)
The cases of twenty-four patients who had twenty-six osteotomies of the tibial tubercle in conjunction with total knee replacement were analyzed with regard to complications and technical considerations. The patients were followed for a minimum of two years (average, three years and six months). Major complications related to the surgical technique occurred(More)
8578 Background: KSP is a mitotic kinesin essential for cell cycle progression. SB-743921 (SB-921), a selective KSP inhibitor, blocks mitotic spindle assembly with cell cycle arrest in mitosis and cell death. In the first-in-humans (FIH) trial, the MTD was 4 mg/m2 q21d. Since neutropenia was the major DLT, with recovery by ∼d15, a q14d schedule without(More)
Cardiac angiosarcoma is a rare tumour entity with a poor prognosis. Early detection is difficult but important for the further course of the disease. We report on a young patient with a tumour of unknown origin and dignity of the right atrium. Magnetic resonance imaging, CT and echocardiography were sufficient in localisation, but no statement on the(More)
The clinical and pathologic features of 13 patients with biopsy-proven reticulum cell sarcoma of the orbit are reviewed. All of the patients were adults, in contrast to many previous reports that have emphasized how common this tumor is in children. Eight patients presented with proptosis and without prior diagnosis of lymphoma, and 5 patients developed(More)