Ariane C. Barbosa

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Red-legged partridge breeders are frequently reared in captivity with the aim of producing fertile eggs and chicks. However, little is known regarding the role of breeder age on fertility and egg production performance. Therefore, we investigated the effects of breeder age on egg size and shape, flock reproductive performance, fertility, hatchability, and(More)
Most studies neglect the presence of thermal cracking reactions in industrial FCC process. Nevertheless, the present work proposes a new model which modified the 10-lumps kinetic model given by Jacob el al. (1976), through to inclusion a new lump named dry gas represent the results of the thermal reactions. Similarly as in the 10-lumps kinetic model, the(More)
Three Dimensional Simulation of Catalytic Cracking Reactions in an Industrial Scale Riser Using a 11-lump Kinetic Model Ariane C. Barbosa, Gabriela C. Lopes, Leonardo M. Rosa, Milton Mori* Waldir P. Martignoni School of Chemical Engineering, University of Campinas, 500 Albert Einstein Avenue,13083-970 Campinas-SP, Brazil Department of Chemical Engineering,(More)
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