Ariane Burtscher

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Biochemical studies in five patients with a defect in biotin-responsive holocarboxylase synthesis are reported. The age of onset (2 d to 6 y) as well as the severity of illness varied considerably. In all patients diagnosis was established by the finding of organic aciduria typical for multiple carboxylase deficiency in a catabolic state. In four patients(More)
We assessed the effect of size and localization of a brain lesion on patients' abilities to perceive the temporal order of two acoustic stimuli. In those patients who had performed with impaired order thresholds, local overlaps of lesions as analyzed with CT were found in specific left-hemispheric regions of the temporal and parietal lobe. However, a(More)
Brain death can be characterized by cessation of cerebral blood flow. We have measured blood flow velocity in cerebral arteries of 17 comatous children with a transcranial pulsed Doppler equipment. In 11 children who progressed to brain death, we have recorded a progressive decrease of Doppler signal with the following steps: decrease of diastolic velocity,(More)
The authors report a massive accidental ingestion of enteric-coated theophylline (Armophilline ) by a young child. A status epilepticus and elevated theophylline serum concentration (167 mg/l) led to use hemodialysis with high dialytic clearance. The elevated clearance was obtained by the use of high permeability membrane, by bicarbonate dialysate and the(More)
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