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Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Indazoles
Indazoles are of considerable interest due to the broad variety of their biological activities. This overview summarizes structures of pharmacologically interesting indazoles published during theExpand
Imidazol-2-and-4-ylidene by decarboxylation. Studies on the cross-conjugated mesomeric betaine-alkaloid norzooanemonine and its pseudo-cross-conjugated isomer.
1,3-Dimethylimidazolium-2-carboxylate and -4-carboxylate (norzooanemonine), which belong to two distinct classes of heterocyclic mesomeric betaines, undergo thermal decarboxylations to theExpand
Pseudo-Cross-Conjugated Mesomeric Betaines and N-Heterocyclic Carbenes of Indazole
1.2-Dimethylindazolium-3-carboxylates are pseudo-cross-conjugated mesomeric betaines (PCCMB) and derivatives of the indazole alkaloid Nigellicin. They decarboxylate on heating to give intermediaryExpand
Diastereoselective Dimerisation of Alkenylthiazolines: A Combined Synthetic and Computational Study
The acylative dimerisation of 2-alkenyl-1,3-thiazolines 1 gives compounds 3 and 8 upon treatment with trichloroacetyl chloride and trifluoroacetic anhydride, respectively. This reaction is completelyExpand