Ariana Bejleri

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I. INTRODUCTION One of the most interesting technologies in the field of information technology nowadays is Virtualization. This technology gives some advantages regarding cost, source and energy consumption, tolerance to failures, isolation to different attacks etc. Anyway, in this technology there are some black holes which have to do with the performance(More)
In this paper, we want to evaluate the performance of two broadcasters with Flow label and Non flow label approach. Experimentally we have presented that the throughput utilization for each broadcaster with Flow Label approach which is implemented in MPLS Routing Technology is 89,95%. This result is better than Non Flow Label approach which is evaluated at(More)
This paper gives a survey in QoS Routing Architecture implemented by Dijkstra's algorithm. The performance of QoS Routing architecture is evaluated by made a comparison between the Shortest Path Routing and QoS one. A very important feature in QoS routing are the conditions for elimination of starvation. Experimentally we have evaluated the number of(More)
Based on our previous experience we want to compare the performance between five hypervisors: XEN-PV, XEN-HVM,Open-VZ,KVM-FV,KVM-PV We have simulated the migration of a virtual machine by using a warning failure approach. Based on some experiments we have compared CPU Consumption, Memory Utilization, Total Migration Time and Downtime. We have also tested(More)
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