Arian Abrahantes

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A conceptual design of a beam-shaping assembly for boron neutron capture therapy using deuterium-tritium accelerator based neutrons source is developed. Calculations based on a simple geometry model for the radiation transport are initially performed to estimate the assembly materials and their linear dimensions. Afterward, the assembly geometry is(More)
We have included the effective description of squark interactions with charginos/neutralinos in the MadGraph MSSM model. This effective description includes the effective Yukawa couplings, and another logarithmic term which encodes the supersymmetry-breaking. We have performed an extensive test of our implementation analyzing the results of the partial(More)
Reliable data on electron backscattering in different media are not available in literature, even more for electrons of continuum spectrum. Material's parameters that depend or could be inferred from those data might have some uncertainties. Back in 1978, K. K. Sharma and M. Singh determined the value of saturation thickness for backscattered electrons and(More)
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