Ariadne de Andrade Costa

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The elevated plus-maze is widely used as a tool for neurobiological studies of anxiety and defense in rodents. In a previous work, an artificial neural network (ANN) with weights adjusted by a genetic algorithm (GA) was used to investigate the behaviour of rats in an elevated plus-maze. The study of the ANN's architecture, which was fixed in the previous(More)
The elevated plus-maze is an apparatus widely used to study the level of anxiety in rodents. The maze is plus-shaped, with two enclosed arms and two open arms, and elevated 50cm from the floor. During a test, which usually lasts for 5min, the animal is initially put at the center and is free to move and explore the entire maze. The level of anxiety is(More)
BACKGROUND Neuroevolution comprises the use of evolutionary computation to define the architecture and/or to train artificial neural networks (ANNs). This strategy has been employed to investigate the behavior of rats in the elevated plus-maze, which is a widely used tool for studying anxiety in mice and rats. NEW METHOD Here we propose a(More)
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