Ariadna Avendaño

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The present study assessed temporal summation of transient and sustained stimuli in the startle eyeblink response system in neonates during quiet sleep. Subjects received 100-dB(A), fast-rising broadband noise bursts of two types: (a) single stimuli varying in duration from 20 to 100 ms and (b) pairs of 3-ms bursts presented at interpulse intervals(More)
BACKGROUND The Side Population (SP) has become an important hallmark for the definition of the stem cell compartment, especially in the detection of these cells and in their physical isolation by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). SP cells are CD34neg and were discovered using ultraviolet excitation based on the efflux of Hoechst 33342 (Ho342).(More)
BACKGROUND Methods currently employed for measuring reactive oxygen species production can lead to both cellular depletion and in artifactual activation. The objective of this study was to design a methodology allowing the measurement of oxidative burst (OB) with minimal sample manipulation. METHODS To that purpose a flow cytometry technique developed in(More)
INTRODUCTION In 1996, Goodell et al. first described a rare subpopulation of bone marrow stem cells termed the Side Population (SP). SP cells are known to be CD34 negative and to have a high repopulating capability. The SP was identified by ultraviolet excitation based on the efflux of the DNA binding dye, Hoechst 33342 (Ho342). ABCG2, a halftransporter(More)
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