Ari Ronkainen

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Biomechanical responses of chondrocytes were determined in specific locations within the superficial zone of patellar, femoral groove, femoral condyle and tibial plateau cartilages obtained from female New Zealand White rabbits. A confocal laser scanning microscope combined with a custom indentation system was utilized for experimentation. Changes in cell(More)
In the future, the farm will turn into more and more data-rich environment. Thus, in order to successfully gather, store, analyze, and exploit this information in planning and decision making, sophisticated ICT infrastructures are required. In this work we will delve into the theory and requirements such infrastructure has, as well as introduce the(More)
The structural integrity and mechanical environment of the articular cartilage matrix directly affect chondrocyte deformations. Rabbit models of early osteoarthritis at 9 weeks following anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) have been shown to alter the deformation behavior of superficial zone chondrocytes in mechanically loaded articular cartilage.(More)
Relationships between cartilage structure and superficial in situ chondrocyte deformations were investigated from 6 different knee joint locations (n=10 knees). Depth dependent cartilage structure and composition were quantified with microscopic/microspectroscopic methods. Medial tibial cartilages had the lowest superficial collagen content, highest(More)
The publication presents a system architecture for remote agriculture process automation, involving sensors and actuators connected to IoT gateway running OPC UA server. Sensors and actuators are very general and do not need any intelligence related to the process under control. Acquired data processing and control algorithms that produce control stimulus(More)
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