Ari Legowo

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In this paper, the state feedback control design problem for tracking control of a flexible link manipulator is considered. The calculation of state feedback control gains is conventionally handled by pole placement method or LQR method via Riccati equation. Unfortunately, they still possess trial and error approach of choosing some parameters.(More)
In this paper, a novel method for tuning PID controller of automatic gantry crane control using particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed. PSO is one of the most recent optimization techniques based on evolutionary algorithm. PSO is also known as computationally efficient method. This work presents in detail how to apply PSO method in finding the(More)
Gantry cranes are widely used in various applications to transfer a payload from one position to desired position. Gantry crane system is an underactuated system where the number of inputs is less than the number of outputs. When the input signal is given to the actuator, the trolley starts to accelerate whilst causing a swing of payload hanging on a(More)
One of the major problems associated with H-infinity controller design is the challenges of weighting function parameters' tuning. For a given control problem, it is requires to select appropriate weighting function parameters to satisfy both the stability requirement and time domain specifications. The conflicting nature of these objectives has made such(More)
PID (proportional+integral+derivative) control is known as simple and easy-to-implement controller. However, the robustness performance is often not satisfactory when dealing with parameter variations of the plant. In addition, its design procedure is not straightforward for the system which is non-SISO (Singe Input Single Output) system like a gantry(More)
This paper presents a method of robust control system design for aircraft flight control systems with the existence of uncertainty parameters such as stability and control derivatives resulted by parameter identification process using real flight test data. A nonlinear model of aircraft turn coordination system is considered where the problem is to find the(More)
Computational intelligence has been successfully applied into many engineering applications including control engineering problems. In this paper, a robust state feedback control design via constrained optimization based on Differential Evolution (DE) is proposed. The feedback controller is designed based on state space model of the plant with structured(More)
A mobile robot for exploring disaster area in tropical region has been developed. It has capability to travel over a rough irregular terrain within disaster area and capable of performing a range of functions such as collecting samples and capturing images from the disaster scene. Furthermore, the robot is equipped with solar panel for extending the(More)