Ari Kobren

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The purpose of this paper is to begin a conversation about the importance and role of confidence estimation in knowledge bases (KBs). KBs are never perfectly accurate, yet without confidence reporting their users are likely to treat them as if they were, possibly with serious real-world consequences. We define a notion of confidence based on the probability(More)
In crowdsourcing systems, the interests of contributing participants and system stakeholders are often not fully aligned. Participants seek to learn, be entertained, and perform easy tasks, which offer them instant gratification; system stakeholders want users to complete more difficult tasks, which bring higher value to the crowdsourced application. We(More)
We employ universal schema for slot filling and cold start. In universal schema, we allow each surface pattern from raw text, and each type defined in ontology, i.e. TACKBP slots to represent relations. And we use matrix factorization to discover implications among surface patterns and target slots. First, we identify mentions of entities from the whole(More)
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