Ari Heiskanen

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The case study history of the cooperation between a software house and its client over a time span of 6 years is analyzed through the metaphor of the gatekeeper role. The analysis shows that, contrary to earlier research employing the gatekeeper metaphor, the gatekeeper role in software development work is not stable but changes considerably over time both(More)
This paper reports on the experiences gained while combining practical information systems development work and scholarly research. The overall framework is a development of Donald Schön’s notion of the reflective practitioner. The specific research problems are carved out of the development history of the Student Record System of the University of(More)
Learning experiences of twenty-eight administrative information system development projects in a large Finnish university are analysed over a time frame of eighteen years. A series of reporting development projects is chosen for more detailed inspection. Organisational learning is conceptualised to consist of cycles during which the organisational reactions(More)
This interpretive grounded theory (GT) study describes and analyzes emotions in leadership in a Nordic inter-organizational information system (IOIS) project which spanned four user organizations, two suppliers, one national organization, a research organization and a Ministry. This study shows how GT can be used to gain significant insights into a case(More)