Ari Fahrial Syam

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Chronic constipation (CC) may impact on quality of life. There is substantial patient dissatisfaction; possible reasons are failure to recognize underlying constipation, inappropriate dietary advice and inadequate treatment. The aim of these practical guidelines intended for primary care physicians, and which are based on Asian perspectives, is to provide(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have shown various results regarding the effects of Ramadan fasting on weight and body composition in healthy individuals. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate the effect of Ramadan fasting on body composition in healthy Indonesian medical staff. OBJECTIVES In this study, we examined the influence of Ramadan fasting on body(More)
The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in Indonesia is still controversial and mainly investigated in the largest ethnic group, Javanese. We examined the prevalence of H. pylori infection using four different tests including culture, histology confirmed by immunohistochemistry and rapid urease test. We also analyzed risk factors associated with H.(More)
BACKGROUND It remains unclear whether the low incidence of gastric cancer in Indonesia is due to low infection rates only or is also related to low Helicobacter pylori pathogenicity. We collected H. pylori strains from the five largest islands in Indonesia and evaluated genetic virulence factors. METHODS The genotypes of H. pylori virulence factors were(More)
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