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Terminally postmitotic neurons continue to express many of the kinesin-related proteins known to configure microtubules during mitosis. Drugs that inhibit these kinesins are being developed as anti-cancer agents with the hope that they will inhibit proliferation of tumor cells without having adverse effects on the nervous system. The prototype, termed(More)
A methodology for modeling the needle and soft-tissue interaction during needle insertion is presented. The approach consists of the measurement of needle and tissue motion using a dual C-arm fluoroscopy system. Our dual C-arm fluoroscopy setup allows real time 3-D extraction of the displacement of implanted fiducials in the soft tissue during needle(More)
Clinical medical records contain a wealth of information, largely in free-text form. Means to extract structured information from free-text records is an important research endeavor. In this paper, we describe a MEDical Information Extraction (MedIE) system that extracts and mines a variety of patient information with breast complaints from free-text(More)
There is a strong need to improve the tools clinicians use for training in procedures such as prostate brachytherapy where the success rate is directly related to the clinician's level of experience. Accurate haptic feedback is needed for developing improved surgical simulators and trainers for such procedures. In prostate brachytherapy, accurate needle(More)
Conventional methods of manipulating individual biological cells have been prevalent in the field of molecular biology. These methods do not have the ability to provide force feedback to an operator. Poor control of cell injection force is one of the primary reasons for low success rates in cell injection and transgenesis in particular. Therefore, there(More)
Clinical medical records contain a wealth of information, largely in free-textual form. Thus, means to extract structured information from free-text records becomes an important research endeavor. In this paper, we propose and implement an information extraction system that extracts three types of information - numeric values, medical terms and categorical(More)
– Prostate Brachytherapy is the implantation of radioactive seeds into the prostate as a treatment for prostate cancer. The success rate of the procedure is directly related to the physician's level of experience. In addition, minor deviations in seed alignment caused by gland compression/retraction, gland edema (swelling) and needle deflections can create(More)
BACKGROUND OBJECTIVE Breast cancer survivors receiving hormone treatment and/or endorsing histories of receiving chemotherapy report changes in their cognitive capacity, which is often not supported by formal testing. To address these conflicting reports, this study examined survivors' applied cognitive capacity and its association with hormone(More)