Arho Virkki

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Diagnostic processes of Alzheimer's disease (AD) are evolving. Knowledge about disease-specific biomarkers is constantly increasing and larger volumes of data are being measured from patients. To gain additional benefits from the collected data, a novel statistical modeling and data visualization system is proposed for supporting clinical diagnosis of AD.(More)
Medical research and clinical practice are currently being redefined by the constantly increasing amounts of multiscale patient data. New methods are needed to translate them into knowledge that is applicable in healthcare. Multiscale modeling has emerged as a way to describe systems that are the source of experimental data. Usually, a multiscale model is(More)
The risks of metabolic syndrome and sleep-disordered breathing increase around the time of the menopause. We have previously shown that features of the nocturnal transcutaneous carbon dioxide (TcCO2) profile are associated with metabolic variables such as cholesterol, glycosylated haemoglobin A1C (GHbA1C) and blood pressure in patients with sleep apnoea. In(More)
Upper airway flow-limitation is often but not always associated with prolonged gradually increasing respiratory effort. We investigated the changes in transcutaneous carbon dioxide tension (tcCO(2)) during episodes of upper airway flow limitation during sleep with or without respiratory effort response. Seventy-seven episodes of progressive flow-limitation(More)
Algal lipids provide essential fatty acids for higher trophic levels in the marine food web, and understanding the fatty acid composition in phytoplankton is critical for evaluating its value as a diet. Nineteen microalgal species, mainly originating from the Baltic Sea, covering major algal classes were grown in different growth conditions. Samples were(More)
A new method for estimating the parameters of a human gas exchange model is presented. Sensitivity analysis is used both to inspect the relative importance of the model parameters and to speed up the par-ameter estimation process. Multistart optimization is used to compensate for the effects of partial and noisy measurements. The validity of the method is(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically investigate whether overnight features in transcutaneous carbon dioxide (P(TcCO(2)) measurements can predict metabolic variables in subject with suspected sleep-disordered breathing. METHODS The features extracted from the P(TcCO(2)) signal included the number of abrupt descents per hour and attributes that characterize the(More)
Menopause and aging cause hormonal changes with respiratory consequences. The aim of the present study was to investigate the physiological changes in respiration during wakefulness and sleep across menopause in non-patient population using non-invasive measurements of blood and tissue gases. The arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation (SaO2), heart rate,(More)
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