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Learning analytics tools should be useful, i.e., they should be usable and provide the functionality for reaching the goals attributed to learning analytics. This paper seeks to unite learning analytics and action research. Based on this, we investigate how the multitude of questions that arise during technology-enhanced teaching and learning systematically(More)
There are many different ways and models how to characterize usage data to enable representation of user actions across learning management system, and systems in general. Based on this data, learning analytics can perform different analysis and provide personalized and meaningful information to improve the learning and teaching processes. There is a(More)
Wireless sensor networks are characterized by a large number of non-standardized protocols and varying application requirements. This creates need for a systematic approach to rapidly design and optimize deployment specific protocol stacks. We employ component based optimization as a candidate solution, and use it as a basis for an extensible software(More)
In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in learning analytics (LA) in technology-enhanced learning (TEL). Generally, LA deals with the development of methods that harness educational data sets to support the learning process. Recently, the concept of open learning analytics (OLA) has received a great deal of attention from LA community, due(More)
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