Argyris Kallianiotis

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A time series of hake abundance data obtained from the “MEDITS” experimental surveys carried out in the Greek seas from 1996 to 2006 have been modeled by means of Generalized Additive Models (GAMs), as functions of spatial and temporal variables, including sampling position (latitude–longitude interaction), depth, and year. All variables were highly(More)
Large-scale studies focused on the diversity of continental slope ecosystems are still rare, usually restricted to a limited number of diversity indices and mainly based on the empirical comparison of heterogeneous local data sets. In contrast, we investigate large-scale fish diversity on the basis of multiple diversity indices and using 1454 standardized(More)
Recent theoretical and field studies conducted in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems have suggested that diversity could be a more complex and multi-component concept than previously thought. However, it is still poorly understood to what extent the information provided by the various indices is complementary with regard to diversity, and to what extent(More)
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