Argyrios A. Smountas

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Oxidative stress contributes to muscular fatigue. GSH is the major intracellular antioxidant, the biosynthesis of which is dependent on cysteine availability. We hypothesized that supplementation with a whey-based cysteine donor [Immunocal (HMS90)] designed to augment intracellular GSH would enhance performance. Twenty healthy young adults (10 men, 10(More)
BACKGROUND There have been many suggestions that diminished exercise capacity in patients that have undergone lung transplantation is due, in part, to peripheral muscle dysfunction, brought on by either detraining or immunosuppressive therapy. There is limited data quantifying skeletal muscle function in this population, especially in those more than 18(More)
AIM Exercise limitation in patients with COPD has been attributed to impaired ventilation and reduced skeletal muscle function. We have previously used a combination of FEV(1) and leg muscle function (work achieved during a 30-s isokinetic sprint test) to predict progressive exercise capacity. However, the 30-s test may not be well tolerated in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE Lung disease in cystic fibrosis (CF) is characterized by a neutrophilic inflammatory response. This can lead to the production of oxidants, and to oxidative stress in the lungs. Glutathione (GSH) represents the primary intracellular antioxidant, and provides an important defense in the epithelial lining fluid. Evidence suggests that lymphocyte GSH(More)
UNLABELLED Analysis of induced sputum has provided significant insight into the inflammatory response in chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma. The thick, tenacious nature of cystic fibrosis (CF) sputum presents certain challenges to such evaluation. We describe the development of a methodology to assess CF sputum, and the within-week reproducibility(More)
BACKGROUND The lung disease of cystic fibrosis is associated with a chronic inflammatory reaction and an over abundance of oxidants relative to antioxidants. Glutathione functions as a major frontline defense against the build-up of oxidants in the lung. This increased demand for glutathione (GSH) in cystic fibrosis may be limiting if nutritional status is(More)
1999;116;201-205 Chest Kramer and Danielle McKenna Larry C. Lands, Vijaylaxmi Grey, Argyrios A. Smountas, Violeta G. With Cystic Fibrosis Lymphocyte Glutathione Levels in Children and services can be found online on the World Wide Web at: The online version of this article, along with updated(More)
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