Argirios Damtsios

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Tablet coating thicknesses were estimated using several techniques such as weight gain and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), in comparison with acoustic microscopy and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. Acoustic microscopy, used for the first time in such an application, is based on the physical phenomenon of ultrasound propagation through the materials(More)
A bottom-up approach for documenting art objects processes data from innovative nondestructive analysis with signal processing and neural network techniques to provide a good estimation of the paint layer profile and pigments of artwork. The approach also uses semantic Web technologies and maps concepts relevant to the analysis of paintings and Byzantine(More)
The microsampling destructions caused by the sampling of analytical spectroscopic methods are generally not permitted to art objects. Consequently, the development of nondestructive analysis techniques is a necessity. In this work we present a set of signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques which support the operation of a novel device(More)
The microsampling destructions, which are caused by the sampling procedures of analytical spectroscopic methods, are, in most cases, not permitted to art objects, which are extremely valuable, rare, and fragile. Consequently, the development of nondestructive analysis techniques becomes a necessity. In this paper, we present a technique and method for the(More)
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