Arfa Khan

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Giant cell tumor of soft tissue is a rare tumor first described by Salm and Sissons in 1972 as being a distinct entity.(1) Histologically, it is composed of multinucleated giant cells dispersed among mononuclear cells, and is indistinguishable from its bone equivalent.(2) The majority of these tumors have been reported to occur in the lower extremity.(2,3)(More)
Esophageal schwannoma is a rare tumor first described in 1967 by Chaterlin and Fissore. These tumors are most commonly found incidentally or from diagnostic work up of dysphagia or dyspnea. This entity cannot be diagnosed on clinical or radiographic basis alone. Histology demonstrates palisading spindle cells, few if any mitotic figures, and a peripheral(More)
Cervical osteophytosis causing perforation of the nasopharynx has not been reported. We record a case of a 70-year-old man who fell from a horse and developed surgical emphysema in his neck. The possible aetiology is discussed. A 70-year-old man fell from a horse and landed on his head. He did not lose consciousness, but immediately noticed a slight change(More)
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