Arezou Soltani Panah

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In many applications such as sensor networks, e-healthcare and environmental monitoring, data is continuously streamed and combined from multiple resources in order to make decisions based on the aggregated data streams. One major concern in these applications is assuring high trustworthiness of the aggregated data stream for correct decision-making. For(More)
We consider how an untrusted data aggregator can be assessed over multiple data streams. The aggregator could be the sink node in a sensor network where all the sensory data are gathered, or a smart-meter responsible for computing power measurements of a group of households, or any other entity that is basically in charge of answering aggregation queries(More)
Techset Com Data outsourcing can make data-integrity protection a challenging task, especially when the trustworthiness of a third-party is unproven. A novel auditing process for integrity verification of data stream, whose storage and handling is outsourced to a third-party, is explored. For this purpose, the hidden information within this data that(More)
Wireless Body Sensor Networks are used for pervasive health monitoring and often composed of a large number of sensors communicating over wireless connections. The wireless nature of WBSN poses challenges in terms of security and reliability since sensory data are vulnerable to interception, intrusion and modifications. Moreover, there are ergonomic(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest Internet evolution that interconnects billions of devices, such as cameras, sensors, RFIDs, smart phones, wearable devices, ODBII dongles, etc. Federations of such IoT devices (or things) provides the information needed to solve many important problems that have been too difficult to harness before. Despite these(More)
To decrease search time in P2P network, there have been many researches on overlay construction, specifically by clustering peers into semantic groups. Although environment may change dynamically over time, the process of clustering is predetermined and static in most of these researches and doesn't address issues related to dynamic solution concepts. This(More)
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