Arezoo Salarpour

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Vehicle tracking has a wide variety of applications. The image resolution of the video available from most traffic camera system is low. In many cases for tracking multi object, distinguishing them from another isn't easy because of their similarity. In this paper we describe a method, for tracking multiple objects, where the objects are vehicles. The(More)
— This paper presents an intrinsically verifiable library of Quasi Delay Insensitive asynchronous templates providing an efficient debugging platform for large asynchronous circuits. We proposed using State Transition Graph to determining necessary properties which must be checked. For every template of a Pre-Charged Full Buffer library, we defined PSL(More)
With CMOS technology scaling, leakage power is expected to become a significant portion of the total power. Dual-threshold CMOS circuit, which has both high and low threshold transistors in a single chip, can be used to deal with the leakage problem in high performance applications. This paper presents dual-threshold voltage technique for reducing leakage(More)
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