Arezoo Motavalizadeh Ardekani

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We present fundamental solutions of low Reynolds number flows in a stratified fluid, including the case of a point force (Stokeslet) and a doublet. Stratification dramatically alters the flow by creating toroidal eddies, and velocity decays much faster than in a homogeneous fluid. The fundamental length scale is set by the competition of buoyancy, diffusion(More)
The dynamics of particle–particle collisions and the bouncing motion of a particle colliding with a wall in a viscous fluid is numerically investigated. The dependence of the effective coefficient of restitution on the Stokes number and surface roughness is analysed. A distributed Lagrange multiplier-based computational method in a solid–fluid system is(More)
Focusing and sorting cells and particles utilizing microfluidic phenomena have been flourishing areas of development in recent years. These processes are largely beneficial in biomedical applications and fundamental studies of cell biology as they provide cost-effective and point-of-care miniaturized diagnostic devices and rare cell enrichment techniques.(More)
Microorganisms play pivotal functions in the trophic dynamics and biogeochemistry of aquatic ecosystems. Their concentrations and activities often peak at localized hotspots, an important example of which are pycnoclines, where water density increases sharply with depth due to gradients in temperature or salinity. At pycnoclines organisms are exposed to(More)
The hydrodynamics of an archetypal low-Reynolds number swimmer, called "squirmer," near a wall has been numerically studied. For a single squirmer, depending on the swimming mechanism, three different modes are distinguished: (a) the squirmer escaping from the wall, (b) the squirmer swimming along the wall at a constant distance and orientation angle, and(More)
In this paper, the transient settling dynamics of a spherical particle sedimenting in a linearly stratified fluid is investigated by performing fully resolved direct numerical simulations. The settling behaviour is quantified for different values of Reynolds, Froude and Prandtl numbers. It is demonstrated that the transient settling dynamics is correlated(More)
In this study, we present experimental results on particle-wall collision in viscoelastic fluids. A sphere is released in a tank filled with poly(ethylene-oxide) (PEO) mixed with water with varying concentrations up to 1.5%. The effect of Stokes and Deborah numbers on the rebound velocity of a spherical particle colliding onto a wall is considered. It has(More)
We study the λφ41+1 kink solion and the zero-mode contribution to the Kink soliton mass in regions beyond the semiclassical regime. The calculations are done in the non-trivial scaling region and where appropriate the results are compared with the continuum, semiclassical values. We show, as a function of parameter space, where the zero-mode contributions(More)
Small planktonic organisms ubiquitously display unsteady or impulsive motion to attack a prey or escape a predator in natural environments. Despite this, the role of unsteady forces such as history and added mass forces on the low-Reynolds-number propulsion of small organisms, e.g. Paramecium, is poorly understood. In this paper, we derive the fundamental(More)