Ares Vidalis

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Closely related Quercus species generally exhibit low levels of genetic differentiation despite their ecological and morphological differences. However, at a few so-called 'outlier' loci they seem to remain genetically distinct. Isocitrate dehydrogenases (IDH) are key enzymes involved in the metabolic pathway of the citrate cycle. IDH has also been(More)
Already existing open educational resources in the field of <i>Business and Management</i> have a high potential for enterprises to address the increasing training needs of their employees. However, it is difficult to act on OERs as some data is hidden. In the meanwhile, numerous repositories provide Linked Open Data on this field. Though, users have to(More)
Open educational resources (OER) have a high potential to address the growing need for training materials in management education and training. Today, a high number of OER in management are already available in a large number of repositories. However, users face barriers as they have to search repository by repository with different interfaces to retrieve(More)
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