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The present study was performed to examine the distribution and distinct morphology of the serotonin-containing enterochromaffin (EC) cells in the rat distal colon by immunohistochemical and electron microscopic methods. Serotonin-immunohistochemistry revealed that most of the serotonin-immunoreactive EC cells possessed extended cytoplasmic processes. In(More)
population changes from logarithmic to stationary growth, the S, GZ, and GÌphases of the cell cycle become longer and more variable; GÌis most affected, and an increased proportion of cells remain in Gì.Both nutrient deficiency and the extent of cell confluence affect the cell cycle as the cultures approach saturation density; the changes are reversible(More)
Individuals with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) progress to cirrhosis and hepatic cancer. Individuals with advanced CHC are coagulopathic and can manifest fibrinolysis. The coagulopathy is a consequence of hepatocytic dysfunction. The fibrinolysis represents a response to local endothelial cell injury, and is of a low-grade. Based upon this hypothesis, the(More)
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