Arefeh Mohammadi

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— Due to recent technology advances, large volumes of medical data is obtained. These data contain valuable information. Therefore data mining techniques can be used to extract useful patterns. This paper is intended to introduce data mining and its various techniques and a survey of the available literature on medical data mining. We emphasize mainly on(More)
In wireless sensor networks, localization and routing are challenging problems with many research attentions. In dense sensor networks, overhead and delay for routing significantly decrease throughput of the system. Also when sensors gather massive information about environment such as image, the throughput of the system dramatically reduces. In this paper,(More)
This paper examines the application of sweep-coverage mechanism of multi-agent systems (MAS) in a home healthcare setting. The MAS is a powerful tool which acts in an autonomous and intelligent approach in order to tackle the issues of large size and complexity of systems. Although the MAS are vastly utilized in multiple healthcare domains, in this research(More)
Theory of constraints (TOC) is a management philosophy that seeks to increase throughput (efficiency or performance) of the system by identifying those processes that are constraining the system bottlenecks. There have been very few profound studies of TOC in health care systems. In order to fill this gap, this study was conducted to determine how(More)
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