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Two major types of amyloidosis are primary amyloidosis or amyloid light chain amyloidosis and secondary amyloidosis. Although amyloidosis involves a variety of organ systems including skin, the occurrence of bullous skin lesions is rare. Little is known about the mechanism of blister formation. These blisters are often hemorrhagic and typically occur in the(More)
Bladder cancer usually spreads via the lymphatic and hematogenous routes, the most common sites of metastases of urinary bladder cancers being the regional lymph nodes, liver, lung, bone, peritoneum, pleura, kidney, adrenal gland and intestines. Generalized lymph node metastasis of transitional cell cancer of the bladder is extremely rare. According to our(More)
Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy and the second most common cause of cancer-associated mortality in males. Bone metastasis is frequent and generally multiple and osteoblastic. Presentation of a pure osteolytic and solitary metastasis from a prostate carcinoma is extremely rare. We report a case of prostate cancer in a 70-year-old man who(More)
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