Areej Malibari

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— Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a vision that refers to an information technology paradigm where a physical environment is 'aware' of its human occupants' presence/context and is sensitive, adaptive and responsive to their needs. Physical environments that are augmented with AmI are called Ambient Intelligent Environments (AIEs) which are deemed to be(More)
A high prediction accuracy of the students' performance is more helpful to identify the low performance students at the beginning of the learning process. Data mining is used to attain this objective. Data mining techniques are used to discover models or patterns of data, and it is much helpful in the decision-making. Boosting technique is the most popular(More)
Minimizing the energy consumed by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of residential buildings without impacting occupants’ comfort has been highlighted as an important artificial intelligence (AI) challenge. Typically, approaches that seek to address this challenge use a model that captures the thermal dynamics within a(More)