Areej AlHogail

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Information security culture guides how things are done in organization in regard to information security, with the aim of protecting the information assets and influencing employees' security behavior. In this paper, we review key literature on information security culture that was published in the period during 2003-2013. The objective was to identify the(More)
Establishing information security culture within an organization may include transformation of how employees interact with the information assets which may be challenged with resistance, fear or confusion. Change management skills could assist organization members to smoothly adapt to the new culture. The use of change management in information security(More)
Security of Information Systems (IS) is a major concern for organizations nowadays as security related risks may affect the organization's information assets badly. Security systems in organizations can benefit a great deal from knowledge and experiences of security experts, practitioners and professionals if this knowledge is acquired, encoded into a(More)
Many universities around the world are investing in implementing different Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to support the teaching and learning process. However, without an effective implementation, many objectives and advantages are unachieved. Therefore, a well designed strategy to follow is vital to the success of an effective implementation. There(More)
With the wide use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) across universities, many researchers are looking to make the most effective use of such environment to enhance the learning and teaching experience. Many valuable learning resources are uploaded to the VLEs systems every day such as lectures, tutorials and labs, assignments and other learning(More)
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