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Encouraging Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration for Digital Preservation
An overview of software development and deployments in the context of supercomputing centers and national partnerships is provided, describing foundational cyberinfrastructure efforts, which provide physical and logical support for more advanced digital collection and preservation projects in both the sciences and the humanities.
Chronopolis Digital Preservation Network
The major themes within Chronopolis are explored, including: the philosophy and theory behind a nationally federated data grid for preservation, the core tools and technologies used in Chronopolis, and how the network plans to strengthen and broaden with enhanced services and new customers.
Building a demonstration prototype for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections
The NSF-DIGARCH is building digital preservation lifecycle management infrastructure for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections. The infrastructure consists of interfaces to TV
Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration for Distributed Digital Preservation
This poster describes three such collaborations based at the Texas Advanced Computer Center, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Indiana University, where domain scientists and humanities scholars provide expertise in the content of the data to be preserved.
Astrophysics - University of California San Diego
Author’s Note This Astrophysics data curation profile is based on analysis of interviews, a completed worksheet and information gathered from a publication, collected from a researcher working in
Generating Metadata for Digital Preservation: the Chronopolis Scenario
A subset of the Chronopolis Project team, the Metadata Working Group made an analysis of the system by tracing a digital object through the system, and system activities were divided into Event Types and metadata gathered by the digital object on its wayThrough the system were documented.
Union Catalog of Art Images (UCAI Phase 1): Final Report
This report describes the work done to build a prototype for a union catalog of art images as a proof-of-concept that it is technically possible to create such a union database.
Further Development of a Shared Cataloging Resource for the Visual Resources Community: UCAI Phase Two: Final Report
This report describes efforts to advance and stabilize the intrastructure for a shared cataloging utility for art images by developing a set of production-quality tools that operate on a large,