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In this paper, modeling of overcurrent relay (OCR) curves using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) are proposed. The accurate models of OCR curve with inverse time relay characteristics have an important role for protection coordination of power system. Models of OCR curve are appropriate with IEC standard. This model implements of(More)
Overcurrent relays (OCRs) play an important role in the protection component that requires high reliability to maintain high security for power systems. Modeling of the OCRcurve using methods like the direct data storage and curve fitting gave only approximate models. Therefore, in this paper proposes modeling of OCRs using Levenberg-Marquardt(More)
Create an accurate model with over-current relays (OCRs) play an important role in the coordination of power system protection. Modeling of the OCR using methods like the direct data storage and software models gave only approximate models. Moreover, modeling based on mathematical models is not appropriate to deal with ill-defined and uncertain systems.(More)
This paper proposes a method for transient stability analysis for multi-machine electric power systems. Different from existing methods, a minimization problem with boundary values is formulated for obtaining critical conditions for transient stability, where a new numerical integration method is developed by modifying the trapezoidal formula to solve(More)
The selection of site wind farm is an important element in building a wind power generation to get a site that is capable of produce maximum energy, economic and environmental agreeable. It is obtained if proposed alternative sites has continuous wind resources, access to the grid, good topography, land costs are cheap, reduce noise blade and available road(More)
This paper proposes new Simplified Firefly Algorithm (SFA) with an updated β coefficient to maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of photovoltaic system under partial shading condition. The different from standard firefly algorithm is neglected a and y coefficients to simplify an algorithm. The other new feature is updated β coefficient for each(More)
This paper presents analytical techniques for reducing switching losses of voltage source inverter (VSI) using Generalized Discontinuous PWM (GDPWM). The switching losses of inverter is influenced by the angle on the modulation of GDPWM. This problem will be optimized using a new optimization method. This method is called as Spontaneous Evolutionary GA(More)
The main problem which often occurs in wind turbine systems is getting the maximum power output and maintaining the DC link voltage at a constant value through wind fluctuation. This paper proposed to maintain the DC link voltage during stand-alone condition, it takes a battery as energy storage with a bidirectional buck-boost converter to regulate charging(More)
Today, Transformer monitoring is urgently needed. This come from the reality that Indonesian Electrical Company could not know the condition of the transformer which was installed. The transformer is known damaged after something happen with the transformer. The Indonesian electrical company does some maintenance for the transformer, but this maintenance is(More)
This paper presents a new computation method for transient stability analysis for electric power systems. Different from existing methods, a minimization problem is formulated for obtaining critical clearing time (CCT). The method is based on the computation of a trajectory on the stability boundary, which is referred to as critical trajectory in this(More)