Ardrian Hardjono

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The iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research at UNSW has created a versatile virtual reality theatre that, by combining real-time 360-degree omnistereo projection with surround audio and marker-less motion tracking, provides a highly immersive and interactive environment for up to 20 users. The theatre, codenamed AVIE, serves as the Centre's principal(More)
In this paper I will outline an augmented reality system based on high resolution omni-directional motion image capture, an immersive interactive projection environment, the iDome and multi-layered narrative strategies and applications for educational and entertainment use. This system differs in two ways from other AR frameworks. It operates in non(More)
Accepted concepts of privacy and public access to the private sphere are shifting dramatically in the face of technological and cultural changes online. [Rosen 2000] Social-networking and micro-blogging sites, in particular, invite users to publish excerpts and photos from their own private lives for an internet-based viewing public. This paper discusses an(More)
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