Ardian Morina

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Nature shows numerous examples of systems which show energy efficiency, elegance in their design and optimum use of materials. Biomimetics is an emerging field of research in engineering and successes have been documented in the diverse fields of robotics, mechanics, materials engineering and many more. To date little biomimetics research has been directed(More)
Ice on surfaces can have dramatic consequences for human activities. Over the last decades, the design of new materials with anti-icing properties has generated significant research efforts for the prevention of ice accretion. Here we investigate water freezing temperatures on untreated and negatively charged hydrophobic stainless steel surfaces and use(More)
Bio-inspired microstructured surfaces have been developed that attach effectively to a wet surface. However, little is known about the associated tribological and adhesion properties involved. In this paper, the adhesion of a microstructured surface to peritoneal tissue is investigated as a function of preload, speeds of approach and angle of tilt to the(More)
The complex tribochemical nature of lubricated tribological contacts is inaccessible in real time without altering their initial state. To overcome this issue, a new design of a pin-on-disc tribological apparatus was developed and combined with synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). Using the designed apparatus, it is possible to study in situ the(More)
This study aims to investigate the relationship between rheological and tribological properties of commercial full fat and fat-free/low fat versions of liquid and soft solid colloidal systems (milk, yoghurt, soft cream cheese) with their sensory properties. Oscillatory measurements (strain, frequency), flow curves and tribological measurements (lubrication(More)
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