Ardeshir Tajbakhsh

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The macroscopic shape of liquid-crystalline elastomers strongly depends on the order parameter of the mesogenic groups. This order can be manipulated if photo-isomerisable groups, e.g. containing N=N bonds, are introduced into the material. We have explored the large photo-mechanical response of such an azobenzene-containing nematic elastomer at different(More)
We study the monodomain (single-crystal) nematic elastomer materials , all side-chain siloxane polymers with the same mesogenic groups and crosslinking density, but differing in the type of crosslinking. Increasing the proportion of long di-functional segments of main-chain nematic polymer, acting as network crosslinking, results in dramatic changes in the(More)
We demonstrate, for the first time, the large electromechanical response in ne-matic liquid crystalline elastomers filled with a very low (∼ 0.01%) concentration of carbon nanotubes, aligned along the nematic director at preparation. The nan-otubes create a very large effective dielectric anisotropy of the composite. Their local field-induced torque is(More)
Introduction: The choice of anesthetic technique in patients with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) can be a challenge for anesthesiolo-gists and must be adjusted based on specific circumstances and abnormalities. We report our anesthetic technique in an OI patient to emphasize this point, and to frame a discussion of this subject. According to the accessible(More)
We carry out a detailed deuterium NMR study of local nematic ordering in polydomain nematic elastomers. This system has a close analogy to the random-anisotropy spin glass. We find that, in spite of the quadrupolar nematic symmetry in 3-dimensions requiring a first-order transition, the order parameter in the quenched " nematic glass " emerges via a(More)
Cholesteric elastomers possess a macroscopic "phase chirality" as the director n rotates in a helical fashion along an optical axis z and can be described by a chiral order parameter alpha. This parameter can be tuned by changing the helix pitch p and the elastic properties of the network at formation. The cholesterics also possess a local nematic order,(More)
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