Arden Ruttan

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Microarrays are important tools in the quest to map the gene regulation networks of cells. A common use of microarrays result in time series pairs that indicates how the output of one gene affects another. Substantial efforts have been made towards identifying pairs of microarray time series that indicate that one gene is a regulator for another. However,(More)
—Parallel and high performance computing has enabled great strides to be made in advancing science and solving large problems. However, this progress is limited by the lack of needed tools and the difficulty of programming and running parallel applications. Specifically, there is a lack of needed steering and visualization tools, which can be easily(More)
We examine the scalability and performance of a legacy liquid crystal code on a PC (Beowulf) cluster consisting of 16 dual-processor Pentium III/450s. This code was originally designed for use on a Unix workstation cluster of less than 8 machines. In particular, we examine the effectiveness of using potentially more efficient techniques such as non-blocking(More)
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