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—This paper looks into recent developments and research trends in collision avoidance/warning systems and automation of vehicle longitudinal/lateral control tasks. It is an attempt to provide a bigger picture of the very diverse, detailed and highly multidisciplinary research in this area. Based on diversely selected research, this paper explains the(More)
— A mild parallel hybrid powertrain is considered in which an electric motor and an ultracapacitor-based energy source assist the combustion engine during periods of high power demand. The ultracapacitor may be recharged by the engine during periods of low demand, and through regenera-tive braking. A rule-based control strategy is defined, which determines(More)
The problem of oxygen starvation in fuel cells coupled with air compressor saturation limits is addressed in this paper. We propose using a hybrid configuration, in which a bank of ultracapacitors supplements the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell during fast current transients. Our objective is to avoid fuel cell oxygen starvation, prevent air(More)