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BACKGROUND Phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 (phIGFBP-1) is secreted by decidual cells and leaks into cervical secretions when fetal membranes detach from decidua. Our aim was to assess whether detection of phIGFBP-1 in cervical secretions by a rapid bed-side test could be used to predict preterm delivery in patients with regular(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the significance of different degrees of birth weight discordance in twin pregnancies. DESIGN Population based study. METHODS Three hundred and eighty-four twin gestations over 20 weeks of gestation during a two-year period ending in 31.12.1995 were retrospectively analyzed. Twins were stratified into six categories according to(More)
OBJECTIVE To present a case of laparoscopic removal of a heterotopic cesarean scar pregnancy under ultrasound guidance. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Private hospital. PATIENT(S) A 34-year-old woman with heterotopic cesarean scar pregnancy. INTERVENTION(S) Laparoscopic removal of heterotopic cesarean scar pregnancy. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S) Delivery(More)
To assess the effects of antenatal corticosteroid use on placental histopathology, we have reviewed a database of 463 consecutive non-anomalous singleton liveborns delivered at less than 32 weeks between April 1988 and December 1994, of which 280 received one or more doses of corticosteroids for promotion of fetal lung maturation. Patients were grouped by(More)
The perinatal outcome of patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis has been improved in recent years. In this report we review the treatment and outcome of seven pregnancies in women undergoing chronic hemodialysis before and during pregnancy between 2000 and 2002. The hemodialysis schedule was increased from 4 hours twice weekly to 4 hours four to six times(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the insulin response to a 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test and to compare the insulin levels in the gestational diabetes mellitus and single abnormal test value groups with a nondiabetic control group. STUDY DESIGN One hundred ten Turkish women with uncomplicated pregnancy participated in this(More)
OBJECTIVE Fetal alloimmune thrombocytopenia is the result of maternal fetal platelet antigen incompatibility; intracranial hemorrhage is its most serious complication. Our previous studies have demonstrated an inability to accurately predict fetal platelet counts in this disorder. The goal of the present investigation was to identify factors that would(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the effects of meconium on growth of bacterial pathogens, which are common causes of intra-amniotic infection and neonatal sepsis. METHODS Meconium collected from 9 healthy neonates was suspended as a 20% solution using sterile saline. In experiment 1, separate test tubes of meconium solution and sterile saline (the control) were(More)
A nonlethal form of multiple pterygium syndrome (MPS) was diagnosed prenatally at 16 weeks of gestation with associated Klinefelter syndrome in the same fetus. The ultrasound findings were cystic hygroma, hypertelorism, micrognathia, low-set ears, flexion contractures of upper and lower extremities and rocker-bottom foot. Genetic amniocentesis revealed a(More)