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Antioxidant activity of fungi isolated from soil of different areas of Punjab,India
The study was carried outto investigate the antioxidant activity of fungi isolated from soil of different areas of Punjab, India and compare their efficiency with a known antioxidant, ascorbic acid.Expand
Eggshell Morphology of Selected Indian Bird Lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera and Ischnocera)
ABSTRACT: Microtopography of the eggshell of eight phthirapteran species infesting different avian hosts was studied by SEM. Nature of the markings present on the egg chorion of species studied wasExpand
Bio-Ecology of the Louse, Upupicola upupae, Infesting the Common Hoopoe, Upupa epops
Abstract The population characteristics of the louse, Upupicola upupae (Shrank) (Mallophaga: Philopteridae: Ishnocera), infesting the Common Hoopae, Upupa epops L. (Aves: Upupiformes), were recordedExpand
Population levels of phthirapteran ectoparasites on the goats in Rampur (U.P.)
Out of the four phthirapteran species known to occur, only two were recovered from the goats in district Rampur (ischnoceran louse, Bovicola caprae and the anopluran, Linognathus africanus). As manyExpand
The eggshell morphology of Heterodoxus spiniger, infesting dog, Canis familiaris (Boopidae, Mallophaga)
The egg chorion of the dog louse Heterodoxus spiniger bears pentagonal / rectangular scutes (scale like sculpturing) arranged obliquely. The opercular disc of the egg bears tall cup shaped micropylesExpand
Population characteristics of Brueelia sp. on certain Indian Finches
Five kinds of finches were examined during 2004-06. Two kinds of finches were found infested with ischnoceran lice, Brueelia sp. (Prevalence-20.5%, mean intensity of infestation-4.7 and range ofExpand
Mortality caused by aqueous extract of the leaves of Datura stramineus to goat biting louse, Bovicola caprae (Phthiraptera)
Extensive and indiscriminate use of organic lousicides is leading to environmental hazards i.e. persistence of residues, development of resistance and targeting of non-target beneficial organism.Expand
A note on natural population levels of phthirapteran species on sheep at district Rampur, U.P., India.
A look on the available literature indicated that population characteristics of Phthiraptera on Indian sheep deserved investigation. Two hundred sheep were sampled to reveal the population levels ofExpand