Archna Gautam

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Many hormones and drugs exert their effects on cells by increasing cytosolic Ca2+ (Cai2+) and activating protein kinase C (PKC). Each of these actions results in cholestasis in the isolated perfused rat liver, but the responsible mechanisms are unclear. We used isolated rat hepatocyte couplets to observe the direct effects of increased Cai2+ and PKC(More)
Twenty-four hours after skin painting mice with picryl chloride (PIC) there was a four- to fivefold increase in the numbers of dendritic cells (DC) isolated from the lymph nodes. These DC initiated primary proliferative and cytotoxic responses when added to cultures of normal syngeneic lymph node cells. The proliferative response was enhanced when the(More)
A diazo-positive fraction of serum bilirubin that is irreversibly bound to albumin has been shown to accumulate in serum of patients with cholestasis. In the present study, a cholestatic animal model was used to determine the chemical nature of the bilirubin species involved in its formation. The data indicate that conjugated bilirubin is the precursor of(More)
Hepatocyte couplets were isolated by collagenase perfusion from rat liver. Between adjacent cells, the bile canaliculus forms a closed space into which secretion occurs. As in intact liver, Mg2+-ATPase is localized at the canalicular lumen, the organic anion fluorescein is excreted, and secretion is modified by osmotic gradients. By passing a microelectrode(More)
A directly reacting fraction of bilirubin that is probably covalently bound to albumin (albumin-bound bilirubin) has recently been described. To determine its clinical importance we used a new high-performance liquid-chromatography technique to measure it in the serum of 200 patients with hyperbilirubinemia from various causes. Albumin-bound bilirubin was(More)
A method was developed to record interactions between mobile non-adherent immunocytes by time-lapse cinematography and then to study the same cells by immuno-electron microscopy, using monoclonal antibodies against surface components. For this purpose a modified stage was designed to fit an inverted microscope. The attachment included a device to cool the(More)
Studies of canalicular bile secretion have been limited due to lack of direct access to the canalicular lumen. Isolated rat hepatocyte couplets, consisting of two hepatocytes enclosing a canalicular space, have been proposed as a primary secretory unit that may be useful for direct studies of unmodified canalicular bile secretion. The present study examines(More)
Human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) are being studied for cell replacement therapies, including the treatment of acute spinal cord injury. Current methods of differentiating OPCs from hESCs require complex, animal-derived biological extracellular matrices (ECMs). Defined, low-cost, robust, and scalable culture(More)