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A I00 GHz AM and PM noise measurement system is described. The basic approach to its construction is to apply existing state-of-the-art, cross-correlation noise measurement techniques to IO0 GHz (W-band). The system uses two amplitude-noise and phase-noise detectors operating in parallel with cross-correlation spectrum analysis so that measurement-system(More)
High-quality frequency references are the cornerstones in position, navigation and timing applications of both scientific and commercial domains. Optomechanical oscillators, with direct coupling to continuous-wave light and non-material-limited f × Q product, are long regarded as a potential platform for frequency reference in radio-frequency-photonic(More)
—Precise timing in shared-user, wireless data communications systems directly affects the growing concern in establishing and managing 'spectrum harmony'. For shared spectrum, an efficient and widely accepted modulation type is orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). The main advantage of OFDM to other modulation protocols is its efficient use of(More)
We demonstrate a novel technique for reducing the phase modulation (PM) noise of an oscillator in a steady-state condition as well as under vibration. It utilizes correlation between PM noise and amplitude modulation (AM) noise that can originate from the oscillator's loop components. A control voltage proportional to the correlated AM noise is generated(More)
We demonstrate a chip-scale slot-type photonic crystal optomechanical oscillator fully integrated with an on-chip waveguide Ge photoreceiver, which exhibits high-harmonic tunable RF oscillations and high-quality optical resonances with controlled detuned continuous-wave laser drive.
1. Experimental setup for generation and cross-spectrum phase noise measurement of two 10 GHz hybrid microwave sources. LF denotes loop filter and PD denotes photodiode. Abstract— We demonstrate a 10 GHz hybrid oscillator comprised of a phase stabilized optical frequency comb divider and a room temperature dielectric sapphire oscillator. Characterization of(More)
Carrier he National Institute of Standards and Technology was established in 1988 by Congress to " assist industry in the development of technology ... needed to improve product quality, to modernize manufacturing processes, to ensure product reliability ... and to facilitate rapid commercialization ... of products based on new scientific discoveries. "(More)