Archcna Sabananthan

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We developed a multiplex PCR-based reverse line blot assay to identify 23 pneumococcal serotypes represented in the polysaccharide vaccine, using 334 well-characterized isolates, representing all 90 serotypes, and 268 "unknowns." The assay identified all target serotypes, but 11, which cross-react with 1 to 4 nonvaccine serotypes, could be distinguished(More)
In a previous study, a molecular capsular type (MCT) prediction system for 51 Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes was developed based on a combination of partial cpsA-cpsB sequencing and serotype(s)/group(s)-specific PCR. In this study, another 169 S. pneumoniae isolates were added to the existing database of 427 isolates, including representatives of all 39(More)
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