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An analysis of linkage between economic value added and corporate social responsibility
Purpose – Research findings indicate that there is positive relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and company's reputation but relationship between CSR and company'sExpand
Non-Audit services, auditor independence and earnings management
We predict that the provision of non-audit services by auditors to their audit clients will impair independence more severely for smaller auditors than for large auditors. We report evidence thatExpand
Strategies for talent management: a study of select organizations in the UAE
Purpose – This paper aims at finding out strategies adopted by the organizations to reduce the employee turnover as well as to how to effectively manage human capital for competitive edge over theExpand
Knowledge management practices in Indian information technology companies
The present paper lays the foundations for the best practices in knowledge management and investigates the degree of awareness and implementation of KM principles and practices in Indian informationExpand
Leadership in female SHGs: traits/abilities, situational or forced?
Purpose – Microfinance/microcredit/self-help groups (SHGs), as an instrument of women's empowerment, have attracted the attention of many researchers. However, despite being one of the most importantExpand
Causal nexus between foreign direct investment and economic growth: A study of BRICS nations using VECM and Granger causality test
Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to determine cause and effect relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth (gross domestic product (GDP) taken as proxy) forExpand
After the Second World War, FDI has acquired a significant role in the international economic environment. To understand the reasons behind such upsurge movements in the FDI flows, one needs toExpand
The Concepts of ‘Social Value Creation’ and ‘Social Value’
This chapter explores the concept of ‘social value’ from the perspectives of both social entrepreneurs and the beneficiaries. All social entrepreneurs see ‘social value creation’ in bringing socialExpand
Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction: A Study on Maruti Suzuki
Exceptional customer service results in greater customer retention, which in turn results in higher profitability. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth. To achieveExpand