Archana Krishnan

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HIV and substance use are inextricably intertwined. One-sixth of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) transition through the correctional system annually. There is paucity of evidence on the impact of substance use disorders on HIV treatment engagement among jail detainees. We examined correlates of HIV treatment in the largest sample of PLWHA transitioning(More)
Positive attitudes toward a new communication technology tend to be a significant motivator in subsequent adoption and use. The recent spurt in the adoption of social media tools such as social networking sites (SNSs) demands the examination of attitudinal variables on motives to use these Web sites. This study explicated a multidimensional measure of(More)
INTRODUCTION The proliferation of the Internet has been meteoric even by conservative standards. Several developing nations are taking advantage of new communication technologies to propel themselves into the center of this global revolution. One country that is successfully riding the Internet wave is India. Its adoption of the Internet has been slow but(More)
Online dating sites (ODSs) have become popular with users trying to find partners. The purpose of this study was to determine the role that biological and personality traits play in the use of online dating web-sites. A cross sectional survey with 678 participants—including cohorts from college as well as the general population—provided data for this study.(More)
This chapter focuses on comparative analysis of service branding of two telecom-munication organisations–one in the public and one in the private sector–through the implementation of quality initiatives. This case was designed after extensive interviews with senior managers to understand the practical issues and challenges involved in improvement of service(More)
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