Archana Jayanthi

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Genetic, dietary and immune factors contribute to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis in humans and mice. Complement activation is an integral part of the innate immune defence but also shapes cellular responses and influences directly triglyceride synthesis. Deficiency of Factor B of the alternative pathway (AP) of complement is beneficial in LDLR(-/-)(More)
Azetidin-2-one, a four-membered cyclic lactam (beta-lactam) skeleton has been recognised as a useful building block for the synthesis of a large number of organic molecules by exploiting the strain energy associated with it, in addition to its use in the synthesis of a variety of beta-lactam antibiotics. Efforts have been made in exploring such new aspects(More)
Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense is the most devastating disease of banana affecting commercial cultivars grown worldwide. An attempt has been made to identify antagonistic, non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum (npFo) isolates from banana soil. A total of 200 rhizosphere soil samples were collected from different commercial cultivars,(More)
Of more than 1 million people screened in serosurveillance centers across India, more than 6000 have been found to be infected with HIV. Bombay, Madras, and Manipur are the 3 epicenters of pandemic viral spread. The majority of infected individuals in southern India are in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra states. HIV-1serology was, however, added to the center(More)
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