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Enhancement of secondary metabolite accumulation in cultured plant cells through biotic and abiotic elicitation has been recognised as an important biotechnological strategy. Gymnema sylvestre is a rich source of triterpenoid saponins—gymnemic acids used mainly in the treatment of diabetes I and II. The cell suspension cultures initiated from the leaves and(More)
Gymnema sylvestre is a natural source of gymnemic acids—a group of closely related triterpenoid saponins used in the treatment of diabetes. The present study is aimed at enhancing gymnemic acid production in G. sylvestre cell suspension cultures using the signaling molecules—methyl jasmonate and salicylic acid. Methyl jasmonate yielded the maximum gymnemic(More)
DRR17A is a stable wild-abortive cytoplasmic male sterile line with medium-slender grain type. DRR17A and its maintainer line DRR17B are highly susceptible to two of the major rice diseases, bacterial blight (BB) and blast. To improve DRR17B for resistance against BB and blast, we have introgressed a major dominant gene each conferring resistance against BB(More)
Salacia oblonga, an inhabitant of tropical regions has been used in traditional Indian medicinal systems. Phytochemicals were extracted in methanol from the plant and analyzed for various biological activities. The results of biochemical tests for total phenolics (297 ± 0.005 and 275 ± 0.006) and flavonoids (95 ± 0.004 and 61.6 ± 0.004) in the aerial and(More)
The newly synthesized imidazole was evaluated for anti-oxidant activity. Chloro derivative of imidazole was synthesized. In three steps and has significant antidiabetic activity. Antioxidant activity is evaluated by estimating the free radical scavenging activity by DPPH method and nitric oxide method by. Invitro. whereas invivo antioxidant activity is(More)
Salinity induced physiological changes were investigated in two BC2F6–7 high yielding rice introgression lines (ILs) derived from advanced backcross populations of O. sativa (IR58025A/KMR3) × O. rufipogon. Plants were subjected to 150 mM NaCl treatment throughout the germination stage to early seedling stage for 10 days. The study revealed high root(More)
In this study we have made an attempt to find relationship between molecular docking scoring function and the IC 50 inhibitory potency. For this work we have performed Insilico docking studies of five known PI3K inhibitors-GDC-0941, GDC-0980, GSK2146458, BKM-120 and CHN-517385 on PI3K gamma crystal Structure using software Ligandfit and Autodock. This(More)
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