Archana A. Athawale

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The paper discusses novel image retrieval methods based on shape features extracted using gradient operators and slope magnitude technique with Block Truncation Coding (BTC). Four variations of proposed ‘Mask-Shape-BTC’ image retrieval techniques are proposed using gradient masks like Robert, Sobel, Prewitt and Canny. The proposed image retrieval techniques(More)
Always the thrust for better and faster image retrieval techniques has nourished the research in content based image retrieval. The paper presents 32 novel image retrieval techniques using the feature vectors obtained by applying Walsh transform on row mean and column mean of full image, four fragments, sixteen fragments and 64 fragments of image. All the(More)
How to search appropriate data from huge image pool has become vital issue. Because of easy availability of imaging devices, millions of images are being added to image pool every day. Image retrieval deals with searching relevant images from large image database. The paper presents novel image retrieval techniques based on discrete cosine transform applied(More)
There is no exact solution for colorization of grayscale images. In the initial work done [23], color traits transfer techniques to color grayscale images are proposed. The main focus of the techniques [23] is to minimise the human efforts needed in manually coloring the grayscale images. The human interaction is needed only to find a reference color image,(More)
Image fusion combines several images of same object or scene so that the final output image contains more information. In this paper many advanced pixel level fusion techniques like Kekre's wavelet transform, DCT Kekre's wavelet transform, Hadamard Kekre's wavelet transform, Walsh Kekre's wavelet transform techniques for image fusion are(More)
Steganography, derived from Greek, literally means "covered writing". It includes a vast array of secret communications methods that conceal the message's very existence. These methods include invisible inks, microdots, character arrangement, digital signatures, covert channels, and spread spectrum communications. Pixel Value Differencing (PVD)[8] was(More)
The paper discusses novel image retrieval methods based on edge texture of images extracted using gradient operators and slope magnitude technique with image transforms. Twenty eight variations of proposed image retrieval techniques using seven image transforms and four gradient operators like Roberts, Sobel, Prewitt and Canny are considered here. The(More)
The technique to store colour information within a greyscale image has been proposed previously using various colour spaces, such as the YCbCr, LUV, YCgCb, YUV, and YIQ colour spaces, and using the Haar wavelet transform. One such study is described in [1]. This research paper extends the study to another wavelet transform – Kekre’s wavelet transform(More)
Steganography is an art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows the existence of the message. The maximum number of bits that can be used for LSB audio steganography without causing noticeable perceptual distortion to the host audio signal is 4 LSBs, if 16 bits per sample audio sequences are(More)