Aravindhan Ganesan

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We present an atomistic study carried out using density functional calculations including structural relaxations and Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics (CPMD) simulations, aiming to investigate the structures of phenylalanine-copper (II) ([Phe-Cu](2+)) complexes and their micro-solvation processes. The structures of the [Phe-Cu](2+) complex with up to four(More)
X-ray photoelectron spectra of the core and valence levels of the fundamental building blocks of β-lactam antibiotics have been investigated and compared with theoretical calculations. The spectra of the compounds 2-azetidinone and the 2- and 4-isomers of thiazolidine-carboxylic acid are interpreted in the light of theoretical calculations. The spectra of(More)
Intramolecular interactions between fragments of L-phenylalanine, i.e., phenyl and alaninyl, have been investigated using dual space analysis (DSA) quantum mechanically. Valence space photoelectron spectra (PES), orbital energy topology and correlation diagram, as well as orbital momentum distributions (MDs) of L-phenylalanine, benzene and L-alanine are(More)
Effects of alkyl side chains (R-) on the electronic structural properties of aliphatic amino acids are investigated using quantum mechanical approaches. The carbon (C 1s) binding energy spectra of the aliphatic amino acids are derived from the C 1s spectrum of glycine (the parent spectrum) by the addition of spectral peaks, depending on the alkyl side(More)
Intramolecular interactions of the functional groups, carboxylic acid, amino, and phenyl in L-phenylalanine have been revealed through inner shell chemical shift. The chemical shift and electronic structures are studied using its derivatives, 2-phenethylamine (PEA) and 3-phenylpropionic acid (PPA), through substitutions of the functional groups on the(More)
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